A wide variety of clubs are organised by the older children for younger children during our lunch hour. 


Other clubs include:

  • School Football Club is held every Wednesday afternoon 3.30 pm-4.30 pm (except through November/December and January) and is open to boys and girls from KS2.  The school football team takes part in the school league and cup.

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05.10.17   Sharley Park      A Team B Team

09.10.17   Stretton Handley

12.10.17   Pilsley

17.10.17   Ashover              A Team  B Team

31.10.17   Tupton                A Team  B Team

Latest League Tables - November 17

26.01.18    Deer Park

08.03.18    Grassmoor

14.03.18    Heath

20.03.18    North Wingfield

24.04.18    Hady

04.05.18    Holmgate           A Team B Team


  • Table Tennis Club is held in the hall every Monday afternoon 3.30pm-4.30 pm and is open to all KS2 children.


  • Netball Club is held every Tuesday afternoon from 3.30 pm -4.30 pm (during spring/summer months) and is open to boys and girls from Y4-6. The team takes part in several interschool competitions throughout the year.